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17 April 2016

Curious travellers

Ani was afraid to go out alone initially. But now things changed. She is exploring the city alone with Ikey. Shopping, wandering around, getting to new locations - mom and son is having a very busy schedule now a days.

Last time when they went out, She came back with handful of brochures which has the upcoming events list in the city. That really helped us to plan the visits more effectively. More information, the accurate the planning will be.

Every Fridays, I will be heading to Nottingham with the utter eagerness to meet Ani and Ikey. And so the weekends we try to make it fruitful to the most. Its a relief for her when am back home. Ikey sticks around me most of the time which gives her a good time to relax.

It was another blessed Sunday for us. I woke up from the sleep listening to Pastors message, around 7 in the morning. Ani was live streaming the service in the morning. So Ikey and I joined her. Had a prayerful start and a wonderful time together.

Our church here is few miles away from the place we live. The best way to reach there is using the public transport and using the tram network is the good option around. And Ikey loves tram.

We never get tired of getting in and around the trams. Easy way to roam around the city.

It was a nice service today. As usual Ikey spent the time in creche as a peaceful kid in the group.

Didn't even turn around to wave at us. He is always excited to be with the other kids.

On the way back we decided to explore the Lace Market square. There were some events listed in the brochures.

The place is like Glasgow. Architectural beauty is evident in each and every buildings around. So beautifully crafted with fine details embedded in it.

Ikey is very still when he gets strapped to the pram. He quitely enjoys the views around and people smiling and waving at him.

Sometimes I will feel sad to see him being on the pram for a long time, then we free him from it and carry for sometime. But he enjoys the pram ride too.

Busking is everywhere in UK. And so many talented artists showcasing their skills. It is a real treat to watch them performing and marvel at their skills.

And that concludes a Sunday trip around the city.
Looking forward for a wonderful week ahead...


  1. Good to see you back in writing.... Ask Ani to smile in photos... not sure whether she is not happy when you click.

  2. There is one with the smiley face :)