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07 May 2023

Park is good

Beautiful Sunny Day

Right now sitting at the memorial garden, Ashford. It was so boring to sit at home without much to do. Church service got over and didn’t want to sit around and watch the TV for no reason. 

So decided to explore the areas around. The goal was to visit ASDA for purchasing some items for home. But it is Sunday today and the shop closed at 4pm. 

So did a couple of rounds around the Ashford Designer Outlet. It’s a very good concept. Shops in an oval shape. It was great a very good experience to be frank. 

Park is bit for out from the outlet area. Still wanted to walk for a while. Health is the priority at the moment. 

Going to sit here for sometime and then head home. There is a Tesco Express near the park. So will do a quick visit and then back to home. 

Missing the family a lot. Just spoke to Ani and said Hi. Hearing her voice itself is a great relief when feeling low. 

Thank you Jesus for all the blessings! 

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