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23 June 2023

Being Thankful

Life is always a mix of blessings & challenges. The promise of God and his affection sustains us - the only thing that keeps me going no matter what. 

Challenges are meant to help us grow. It indicates that we are presented with something we have never encountered before and are uncertain of how to respond. Nonetheless, this can be addressed. We possess the skills necessary to overcome any obstacles.

Blessings on the other side is a reminder of how God has helped us surmount obstacles in the past. 

At times, its so easy to forget the blessings but to be worried about the challenges at hand. 

But focusing on the past blessings and HIS promises will steer you to success. 

It's remarkable to see how life changes when you cling to promises and prophecies, as I've witnessed it several times in my life. 

Have a great day!

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