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05 September 2014

Dinosaur Ridge - The Old Ocean Base

That was an another beautiful day at Colorado. Got up in the morning and flipped through the list I had for the next destination. Rocky Mountains - topped the list. But it was too early to reach that place. So decided to pick once more destination to fill the gap. TripAdvisor picked up the Dinosaur Ridge and I headed to visit the same.

After the visit and the van tour, I realized one fact. The place was authentic. Not a normal visiting area. It has the world's best dinosaur sightings. Couldn't believe the fact that the land I was standing then was under the ocean for years. Wow, am impressed.

Dinosaur Ridge is part of the Morrison Fossil Area National Natural Landmark located in Morrison, Colorado, just west of Denver.

The Dinosaur Ridge area is one of the world's most famous dinosaur fossil localities. In 1877, some of the best-known dinosaurs were found here, including Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, and Allosaurus. In 1973, the area was recognized for its uniqueness as well as its historical and scientific significance when it was designated the Morrison Fossil Area National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service.

Bus tour on every 45 minutes. And I was right on time, so didn't want to wait for long. 5$ trip, but it was worth the journey.

That's the tour bus. The guide was smart and resourceful. And he made the trip so exciting with interesting information about the place.

Life size dinosaur structure at the visitor center. Took this timer picture while waiting for the bus.

I mentioned about this place under the ocean. The ripple marks on the mountain is due to the water movement. Interesting!

One of the few spots of the bus tour. Dinosaur foot prints all over the place.

Million year old rocks. Highly protected and preserved.

So I took some rocks in my hand. I have a deep root history on my palm.

Different type of rock formations over the years made this place looks like an architectural marvel.

Because of the historical significance, I couldn't even collect some rocks. I would have done that as I learned from the Arkansas visit that rock collection is a highly appreciated hobby :)

That was a real dinosaur bone. Real mean real. Wow - I was so happy to touch and feel the remains of my nightmare :)

Kids were the most excited people in the group. I left the group when small kids started asking questions beyond their age. I couldn't take that :)

Someone built a home around this place and it looked fantastic. Blended with the nature, that house had all its beauty in it.

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