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05 September 2014

Rocky Mountains - Part Two

What's the driving force which makes the traveler to enjoy his endeavor? For me it's Curiosity & Learning. 

Curiosity is what which made me to drive the car in the first week in USA, without even knowing the Yield, Stop and lane concepts. Hard way of learning. Must say that I improved on that week itself. Thats the learning part. And most important learning - horn is the most useless part of an automobile in US, which is so different from my Indian experience.

Took an hour to reach at the summit of the Rocky Mountains though. 

The climate was so good. The cool air freshened me up from the back pain of the drive. But in few minutes, I felt like being a part of that world. Disconnected from the town beneath and up in the heavens. That was a fantastic feeling.

I was surprised to see the above message on the up way. If there is a restriction for pets, that means, they are pretty serious about the place. Otherwise pets are the kings here.

There is a view point towards the end of this road. The view which will mesmerize everyone. The nature at it's best. Fogs sliding over the mountain ranges, the white patches from the winter ice all over the place - that was a sight worth of a life time.

Those are gigantic mountains. But looks small from the view point. Realized how small I am in this world, compared to these creations...

Few more travelers joined us. All were busy running around enjoying and capturing the beauty. To be frank, I didn't even spare a small stone in my reach. Everything was special, and everything around mesmerized me.

As usual, as Ani is not with me, I had to depend on timer shots.

When I saw this view, I decided to touch the snow on that mountain. And I went. Grabbed a handful of snow, pressed into a ball shape and slapped on to my face. Why did I do that? I don't know. Was I crazy for the first snow encounter in my life? I think so.

My car looked beautiful at this place. Thats the magical effect of this place.

While climbing up the mountains, my face was without any emotions. I didn't want to slip down to the mountain foot from 11000 feet anyway :)

It will attract anyone who comes to this place. You might stand still, forgetting about everything around, until someones comes to you and wake you from the dream...

Proud to tackle the heights. There wasn't much people around. It is fun to do things differently. What say?

The happiness flowed from the mountains to my heart and it reflected on my smile :)

I would really love to go back to this place another time. The magical mountain top experience.

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