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30 November 2014

I Can't Ignore The BBQ Boards

If it is written BBQ somewhere along the way I drive, I could never resist stopping by. Frankly speaking, I never liked the BBQ food till I joined the team for lunch at a wonderful BBQ restaurant. 

Since then that became my favorite cuisine. Specially the smoked baby ribs :) If I miss a cuisine in US, it will be the slow smoked baby BBQ ribs. It's yummy.

On the way back from the Oasis restaurant, the above hoarding caught my attention. No second thought, parked in the premise and headed towards the counter. 

A small outlet, then menu was outstanding. Quickly ordered the brisket and waited impatiently for my call.

Waiting can be sweet when it is for something worth and there it was my favorites in front. Still my mouth waters at this yummy pack.

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