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30 November 2014

Meeting Paul and Nancy

Houston wasn't in my travel list, until I met Paul . 

Paul got transferred from Seattle to Texas, based on his location preference, as he was staying out of Houston.

We used to go pick lunch for the team together from Chipotle and I loved that ride always. When I speak about the facts of India, it will be closely correlated from Paul's experience from Hongkong.

It was during one of those journey, Paul asked about visiting him and Nancy at Houston. Houston got added to the weekend trip list as I was excited to meet them over a weekend. And it happened. 

This trip will be one of those moments that I will cherish for sure. There was no ice breaking needed, no formalities. They were so easy to get along. 

We went out for dinner at a Thai place together followed by a Houston city ride. In between the ride, we hopped in for a dessert from their favorite store. Coconut milk & bamboo based desserts, DrinkBamboo, but it was so tastey and yummy.

Paul and Nancy became the best Houston guides, showing around the places and explaining about the city and the culture.

After spending time with them for a day, I headed towards the Lake Wood church the next day for the Sunday service.

If I am visiting Houston again, they will be in my visiting list for sure...Thanks a ton for the wonderful moments!

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