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18 October 2015

The Best Hog Roast In The Town - Oink, Edinburgh

This little shop is on the Royal Mile. The sweet smell of the roast literally filled the nearby atmosphere. When spotted the shop, the very first sight that welcomed me was a full hog roasted and displayed near to the glass window. Just couldn't resist. 

Wanted to taste the roast anyway. Only question was the size. Finally picked up their Classic Hog Roast. He picked up a bun, tore it open and filled the pulled hog roast into it.

So what was in there? Yummly hog roast, served in a white roll with apple sauce and haggis.

Wanted to eat it slowly, enjoying each and every bite. But that wasn't the way it happened. Am a fast eater. When the food get tastier, it accelerates by 50%. The roll got over in no-time. 

Pretty sure that this shop is ultra famous around the place.

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