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16 October 2015

Walking And Exploring Like Never Before

From my experience, the places which the automobiles can’t take you, will have the most hidden surprises for a traveler. It will me more close to nature, serene and intact from the modern world. 

That’s one reason why we decided to explore Edinburgh on foot from the afternoon. The main areas where the vehicles could take us were covered in the morning on the sightseeing bus. No brainer, no surprises – we had a map the day before about the places and we knew what was expected out of the trip.

However the walk in the afternoon was a completely different treat. We took the ways as it went without much thinking involved. That was the beauty in itself. There was a person in the group who had an ultimate direction sense, which helped us to reach back to the station without getting lost. 

New city became old, concrete roads became cobblestoned pathways, tall structures turned into lush green tall trees and walkways became the waterfall sidewalks – a moment when mind announced a ‘Wow’ factor. 

I didn't get tired from the long walk. The heart took the control enjoy the beauty of the place and suppressed the body tiredness. 

That was a huge arch shaped bridge. I looked so tiny standing next to it.

This was a view from the bridge in the old town. Looked like the remains of an old fort gate or a watch tower, covered with lush green trees all around. I expected a river flowing down the bridge, but instead saw this beautiful structure and road.

Kind of an intersection. We took sometime to decide the directions to take further ahead of the road.

Fairs and events are very common in Edinburgh. Noticed this art fair going on in the old town.

Took a jogging path next, which took us alongside a waterfall. This I would say, was the interesting part of the walk.

It was a calm and ambient surrounding. Except the waterfall sound coming from a far distance, there was no other voice from the outer world penetrating this place.

Took a stop and enjoyed this waterfall for sometime. Beautiful!!!

This overhead bridge gave a wonderful view of the channel and the waterfall.