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31 January 2016

Out In The Garden

Another weekend in Scotland. A quiet one. Apart from some official catch-ups, didn't have any special plans for the day. Said NO to the room service for the second time. 

Thought of taking a walk in the garden near by. Dressed up in the jacket and muffler and walked out of the hotel. There was a wedding event happening at the hotel, all happy people around.

Grabbed a coffee and walked into the garden. Well, it was pretty quiet there too. Apart from one guy who was feeding the pigeons and squirrels close to the entrance. He was quite enjoying the sharing. 

It was windy and pretty cold out there. Sun was trying to peek out of the clouds in vain. But I did enjoy the walk. Fresh air and clear mind is precious. 

I've been to this place before, but everything is changed with the season. I had to tell to myself that its the very same place. Where are those flowers which were there?

Just followed the path where it lead, took different directions at the cross roads and it was really fun to walk around. Only difference - no sweating. I was still shivering.

Another blessed weekend!

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