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07 February 2016

When The Earth Turned White

Just being in the snow and enjoying the fall was a dream for me. More or less like how I enjoy the rain. It was a weekend. I didn't know what to do that weekend. I have seen the place before. Almost all the nook and corners. So there wasn't any interest to even walk outside.

The first channel on the TV was the weather forecast. And they told that it is going to snow. I looked out the window. No sign of snow and chuckled the sadness out of my face. 

Then it was the evening. Got tired of being inside the hotel room. Located the nearest Indian restaurant and walked towards it.

And then it happened. From nowhere it began to snow. The tiny white particles came settling down. I watched it with wonder and excitement. And lot many people joined with me. It was the best snowfall in my life. All those places which I though I've already seen, turned into a magical white places. It was beautiful, covered in white...

These were the first group of people who were enjoying the snow fall. They were throwing snow balls at everybody around them, even at the vehicles (crazy!!!). They even threw one to me too. Look closer in the above picture. You can spot the snow ball in mid-flight towards me :) That was awesome...

I did make some snow balls and enjoyed my crafting skills. And I did miss Ani joining the fun.

Walked couple of miles enjoying the snow covered terrain. Those places looked very different that I have seen them before. 

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