24 April 2016

Meeting Robin Hood at the Nottingham Castle

Another blessed weekend, while searching for a place to visit, Nottingham castle came into the plan. We didn't realise that it is close to the place where we live. Didn't think twice. We headed to the castle.

There is an admission fees of £6 to enter. There were mixed reviews about the place on travel sites. But a look from the outside made the place promising to visit. So we took the ticket and began exploring the place.

The big entrance to the castle. The ticket counter and the souvenir shop operates under this place. Not much people were around. People were concentrated around pubs and restaurants near by mainly. Weekend - that explains :)

The view from the garden was majestic. There is a vehicle route to the top of the palace, but we decided to take the walk through the garden, spent some time there and visit the palace.

Ikey will be in his stroller for the majority of the travel that we does. At times we feel sad to see him calmly sitting in it and enjoy the view. And it is no fun. So we always make sure that he gets his piece of happiness exploring the place, when it is the right time. So it was his time. The entire palace garden was his. And he enjoyed running and walking around the place.

Approaching the entrance of the palace, you have wonderful views of the Nottingham city. Palace is placed to see the entire city at a glance. Beautiful views...

We spent some time inside the palace looking at it's history and museums.

On the way back we saw 'Robin Hood' visiting the palace. When requested for a click, he readily accepted with a smile. He is the city's own new age Robin Hood it seems. Where ever an event related to the Nottingham history happens, he will be there. A very familiar face for us now.


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