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21 April 2016

The Historic Waterway and loads of boats

One fine Sunday, after getting out from the church, I took a halt at the signal thinking about where to go from there. Didn't plan anything for that weekend as I was excited for Ani's and Ikey's arrival.

Rather than exploring the weekend, I wanted to cherish on their arrival and getting them settle down comfortably.

The weather was cold and was very cloudy. Using an umbrella is not at all option when it rains. I got at least 3-4 umbrella damaged, under the fierce wind conditions. And learned to walk in the rain rather than trying to fix the umbrella when it get flicked by the wind.

And that answers one of the questions I had when I reached here. I was the only person with the umbrella around :) But, I learned.

What I loved about this place is that it looked detached from the city. Even though it exist in the center of the city, this place had its own feel and rules.

The boats are used for two things. For travel and to stay. Stay? Oh ya, like a furnished home. Think about a floating home. That is it.

There is a long history behind this canal. Search for Nottingham Canal and if you like history, you might enjoy.

Initially thought of spending some time walking alongside the canal, but I walked for close to 3 miles. I wasn't feeling tired or losing my energy. It was such a fresh walk.

There are houses on the canal side with bridges to the canal. Wonderful backyards to enjoy the canal views and boat repair shops...It is a different world all together.

The place was kind of filled with families who wanted to enjoy a post lunch afternoon. Feeding the goose, swans and fishing, all were spending quality time with the family.

To share this excitement, took Ani and Ikey last week. Not everyone has the same mind set. She seems to like visiting the Primark (not any more) more than this place :)

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