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04 November 2022

Cafe Evening ☕️ 🥮

Usually Friday nights are spent at home, winding down for a great weekend. But this time, we wanted to get out and explore a cafe. I was craving for a double shot cappuccino. So we headed to Glens at Kammanahalli. 

Traffic was terrible which I hate the most but, somehow managed to reach the cafe in 45 minutes 😰. 

A good coffee can make wonders and so it did. 

We decided to try out some good delicacies. It was good. Nice ambiance and great service. 

Loved the time spent together. Walked around Kammanahalli for while and headed back home. 

One thing stays the same in Bengaluru - Traffic. Took a while to reach back home 🚗. 

Have a great weekend! ⚡️

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