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26 November 2022

πŸŽ„In Search of Christmas Markets ⚜️

From November, for me, it’s a new season. It feels a lot like Christmas and the heart will be searching out for anything that bring out the joy of the season. 

While searching for the Christmas markets near our place, we came across one close to our locality. Knowhere is the place where the event is happening and we went around 11am to check it out. 

Loved the place, ambience and the Christmas vibe around. Knowhere is a rooftop bar place in Banaswadi area. Visiting for the first time. Quite loved the time spent there. 

Was so happy to see the decors and creative items sold there. People with sheer passion to follow their dreams and running successful businesses are always an encouragement factor. 

Spent around 1.5 hours. Took some photos and videos for the next vlog. 

Looking forward for more Christmas markets and an amazing season ahead! πŸŽ„

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