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21 February 2023

Jet Lag & Upside Down House

This time the jet lag was terrible. Crashed the moment I reached the hotel yesterday and couldn’t get up in the morning. Slept through in the afternoon. Worked for few hours and went out for a walk.
Had this attraction called the upside down house near by.
An interesting attraction to visit. Kids will have fun. Later realised the fact that these attractions are at multiple locations in UK.

Visiting UK, is always like visiting the home town. That’s one feeling which I never get when I travel to any other places in this world. It’s different I don’t know how to explain it but but it feels very close to heart whenever I land in UK.

If given the choice of choosing a place in this world to stay, UK would be my priority always. Yes it need to be blessed by God‘s plan. Otherwise nothing is going to be great. But now I have a confirmation that UK can be an option to look back into and I’m feeling so happy for it.


19 February 2023

Exciting times ahead ⏰

Never before has life been so engaging and exciting. It should have been done earlier, but the existing comfort zone had advantages of its own ðŸ™Œ.

🧘‍♂️ Goals must be accomplished in a short length of time in order to avoid becoming stale. Sharp focus is one thing that I need. 

Today, leaving for another trip to🇬🇧 London for a few weeks. It's not like the previous journeys. This time, I'm not feeling particularly excited, and have a lot of conflicting plans and deadlines to attend to right now 😬.

Hoping for a blessed journey. 😇

26 November 2022

🎄In Search of Christmas Markets ⚜️

From November, for me, it’s a new season. It feels a lot like Christmas and the heart will be searching out for anything that bring out the joy of the season. 

While searching for the Christmas markets near our place, we came across one close to our locality. Knowhere is the place where the event is happening and we went around 11am to check it out. 

Loved the place, ambience and the Christmas vibe around. Knowhere is a rooftop bar place in Banaswadi area. Visiting for the first time. Quite loved the time spent there. 

Was so happy to see the decors and creative items sold there. People with sheer passion to follow their dreams and running successful businesses are always an encouragement factor. 

Spent around 1.5 hours. Took some photos and videos for the next vlog. 

Looking forward for more Christmas markets and an amazing season ahead! 🎄

04 November 2022

Cafe Evening ☕️ 🥮

Usually Friday nights are spent at home, winding down for a great weekend. But this time, we wanted to get out and explore a cafe. I was craving for a double shot cappuccino. So we headed to Glens at Kammanahalli. 

Traffic was terrible which I hate the most but, somehow managed to reach the cafe in 45 minutes 😰. 

A good coffee can make wonders and so it did. 

We decided to try out some good delicacies. It was good. Nice ambiance and great service. 

Loved the time spent together. Walked around Kammanahalli for while and headed back home. 

One thing stays the same in Bengaluru - Traffic. Took a while to reach back home 🚗. 

Have a great weekend! ⚡️